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The professionals at Alterra Networks have the knowledge and expertise to install a wireless network that meets your ever expanding needs without exceeding your budget. Our wireless network installation offers maximum reliability while eliminating the cost of an extra leased line. Plus, bridged wireless networks can serve as an inexpensive data backhaul while providing an emergency redundant communication link. And of course, the professionals at Alterra Networks complete all wireless network installation projects with the goal of ensuring the security of your data. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities of a wireless network.

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Secure wireless network setup.


Businesses are increasingly going mobile; and for good reason. Wireless network installation eliminates the boundaries of a standard network while removing the time and money intensive process of laying or connecting cable. Plus, with site to site wireless bridging, the reach of a wireless networks setup has greatly expanded. Multiple buildings can quickly be connected through a secure, high-speed data connection.