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The Alterra Philosophy



When we founded Alterra Networks, we understood that there are thousands of companies built on the same business model. Each company will proclaim to be the best, of course, which leaves the consumer to ask, “how do I chose?” We understand the conundrum, and set out to immediately establish what makes Alterra Networks different.

Alterra Networks was founded with the goal of being a positive influence in the lives of everyone who was associated with it including our customers, employees and the communities we called home. For us, it was really that simple.

Our customers need world class IT solutions; we want to provide them. Through this partnership, they pay the salaries that we use to care for our families, and for that we are grateful beyond words. We want our customers to be relationship based, not transactional based, and customers for life. Alterra Networks wants you to take pride in our success and feel personally invested in it. We want to feel the same way about your organization.

Our employees are our company. Every Alterra Networks employee you meet is authorized to do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. We are fiercely loyal to one another and committed to each others success.

Our Communities are our homes and refuges. We feel that it is our duty to make them better. We give our time, talents, and treasure to churches, charities, and civic groups in all the towns we call home. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Our Principles

A very special person inspired the principles we hold ourselves to, individually and as a company:

• Your word is your bond.
• We do what we say without fail. Every time.
• A handshake is as good as a contract.
• Words without action are meaningless.
• Your reputation is your most valuable asset.
• The difference between being average and being excellent is not as big as you think.
• If you’re going to do something, don’t go halfway.

Still, most aren’t willing to make the sacrifices it takes to be excellent. We are. We give everything our best. In the end, the quality of our work and how we are viewed by our customers is our reputation and our legacy.

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The Alterra Philosophy and Principles