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Firewall Design & Implementation

Protect your invaluable assets with automatic, secure data backup services that are easy and affordable.

Virus Protection

Keep your data, your hardware and your employees safe from unwanted attacks with network firewall design and implementation services.

Alterra Networks is the #1 source for IT Consulting

We can design, implement and maintain a powerful, multi-layered virus protection solution that will offer complete protection.


Our Partners

At Alterra Networks, we believe your network security should be seamless and worry-free. That’s why our security professionals provide complete security solutions designed to protect your assets, hardware and people from every type of threat. When you don’t have to worry about security, you can focus on more important items—like the short- and long-term success of your business.

Dependable Security Solutions

Security Surveillance


Data Backup and Protection


Don’t be a victim to theft or vandalism. Protect your assets, employees and customers with security surveillance systems.


Network and System Security

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm


Comprehensive network security is the only way to protect your data and system architecture from intrusion.