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The significant repair costs following a network attack clearly show that it’s better to maintain strong network security from the very beginning. Our network security solutions provide a layered approach to ensure a secure system architecture, data privacy, and protection from intrusion. Our network security consultants understand the current and evolving threats to your network and word to maintain ongoing, comprehensive network security. Contact us today to discuss the threats your network faces and what we can do to keep you protected.

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Tiered network security solutions.

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Assaults from viruses, hackers, spyware and other hazards are constantly threatening your proprietary information. Comprehensive network security is the only way to protect your data and system architecture from intrusion. The network security consultants at Alterra Networks understand all the threats out there and work with clients to implement complete network security solutions utilizing a variety of hardware and software tools. Our first line of defense against network security threats is smart implementation of network hardware such as Cisco Switches, Routers, ASA Security Appliances and more to keep data safe. Supporting network security solutions include vulnerability scanning, patch management, intrusion detection and more. Regardless of the threats you face, we have the network security tools to keep you protected.