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The History of Alterra: A Name with Meaning

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In 2005, Alterra Networks was founded by Jefferson (Jeff) I. Davis IV in Dublin, Georgia. When brainstorming a company name, Jeff wanted to avoid a name that was related to a specific town, area or person. His idea was that a more abstract name—and the business model, ideals and services that supported it—could scale and move with the company as it grew in the state, region, county and world.

Jeff combined two Latin words, Altus for “High” and Terra for “Land.” From there, Alterra Networks was born and the first Certificate of Occupancy was issued for Highland Avenue in Dublin, GA.

The company grew rapidly, and quickly moved to a new location on Bellevue Avenue in the Historic District of Dublin. Our name and mountain themed logo is a tribute to both the place where Alterra Networks began, and the ideals and principles we were founded on that will ALWAYS be with us—regardless of how much we grow or how far we go.

Today we have moved into the newly restored 100 year old Post Dublin Office near the downtown courthouse on Madison St.  We opened here in August of 2012 on the 100 year anniversary of the Post Office’s original grand opening.  Now we have the newest form of communication housed in the same building as the oldest form of communication.  We are very excited about the direction our company is heading and look forward to continued growth and investment in our region as we grow with our local families and their business ventures.

Company History

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